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Automation of Denver Courier Services

One of the many reasons Swift Courier Services excels in the courier business is because we continually exceed our customer’s expectations.  One way we do this is by staying on the leading edge of technology available in our industry.  All processes are automated which ensure seamless communication and execution from the time the delivery order is placed, to our drivers transporting your package, to delivery, and confirmation of delivery.  Not only that, all information is available online in real-time.

This is the workflow of an individual order:

  • A delivery order is placed online or over the phone.
  • At this point you can print and affix a bar code to your package(s) to be delivered.
  • A uniformed professional arrives and scans the packages barcode with an Android phone.
  • The packages information is instantly and automatically uploaded to our system.
  • The package is delivered to its destination on time.
  • The receiving party electronically signs the driver’s Android phone confirming reception of the delivery.  This signature and delivery confirmation are instantly uploaded to Swift Couriers Services online database.
  • If you choose, confirmation of delivery can be sent to any email address(es) you choose.
  • All information is available to you in real time so you ALWAYS know the exact status of your package at every moment of the transaction.

While you may not need this much detail on every package you have delivered, this is standard operating procedure for every package we transport.  We prefer to over communicate with our customers because we understand and anticipate the urgent and sensitive nature of your business delivery needs.  

Our experience has taught us that our ability to effectively monitor and communicate with our customer base allows our customers to relax in confidence knowing that their delivery needs are being met and they can confirm proper and timely execution of their delivery requirements by utilizing our online systems.

In addition to providing individual package delivery information as outlined above, Swift Courier Services also provides the following online services to enhance our customer’s experience:   View Delivery Statistics

  • See who called in current and past orders, what time it was delivered, and who signed for it.

  Receive e-mail delivery confirmations

  • You can schedule to have emails delivered to the shipping party, receiving party, or both parties that indicate order creation, package pick up, package delivery, or both pick up and delivery.

  Instant Online Quotes

  • Our easy to use instant online quote tool provides you instant access to our services costs as well as delivery times.

Online Invoicing and Reports

  • Our robust online reporting tools allow you view your usage history, find out how much you are spending, get a summary of the places you deliver to, and view your current and past invoices.  These reports are designed and delivered to ensure you have the ability to continually evaluate your courier usage and maintain maximum efficiency.
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