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Denver Courier Delivery Services

Depending on needs of your business we provide the following types of courier services throughout the state of Colorado:   Urgent / Same Day Delivery

  • There are three pricing structures available:
    • Distance Pricing – Pay for as far as you go (mileage?) 

    • Flat Rate Pricing – Flat rate for Metro Denver and surrounding areas.

    • Subscription Pricing – Pay a flat rate per month

  • Service times (from the time the order is placed to the time the order is delivered)
    • As fast as one hour or as economical as next day and everything in between, depending on your needs.

Freight Service

  • Swift utilizes Independent Contractors with box trucks & lift gates, and as such can handle large deliveries up to 16,000 pounds.

Routed Delivery

  • Recurring deliveries on a scheduled route.
    • These often include things such as main runs or inter-office exchanges.

Scheduled Delivery

  • Pre-schedule your future deliveries any number of days in advance.  Now you don’t have to remember to schedule the delivery when the time arrives.  You can pre-schedule the order while it’s on your mind.

  Bulk / Distribution Services

  • A cost-effective way to have bulk deliveries completed the same day (or next day if you prefer)
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